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Middle School

Middle School

The Academy’s Middle School program is designed to prepare students for the challenges of private high school, by strengthening their academic and social confidence as well as their scholastic independence. Through socratic seminars and hands on STEAM labs, students develop and refine their sense of agency and self.

Our extended day and Boarding program allow us to integrate arts, athletics, and character-based programming in a safe and nurturing academic setting. Our students enjoy a range of competitive sports, including tennis, fencing, lacrosse, and soccer, in addition to vocal and performing arts opportunities.

All of our students are anchored by positive mentors and exposed to collegiate and civic experiences designed to expand their sense of agency and social awareness.


We believe that 4th grade is an important developmental milestone when students are able to engage in a broader range of academic, intellectual, athletic, and character-building experiences. Our Boarding program begins in 4th grade with this in mind, by providing students more time on campus to engage in a range of co-curricular experiences designed to build academic confidence and scholastic independence.

Boarding students enjoy a balanced experience that offers time for unstructured free-play and structured academic, athletic, and artistic enrichment. Our secure 80-acre campus provides all boarding students with a collegiate environment that provides extended access to athletic, artistic, academic, and creative resources. Over their 4th-8th grade experience, residential students are given an increased choice, providing the essential opportunity to develop organizational habits that will allow them to succeed in less structured high school and college environments.


Our Middle School curriculum spans subjects including Music, Spanish, Science, Math, Computer Science, and Humanities. All courses are designed to offer small group instruction and one-to-one evening academic support.


Prep for Success

Our high school placement program aims to support students and families in being academically, socially, and culturally, prepared to enter and thrive at a high school that fits the uniqueness of each individual student. 


Family partnership is at the heart of the placement process; families engage in-depth reflection around their values and what is important as they consider a new community for their child. Families are also supported through the financial aid process and meet periodically with our Tuition and Financial Aid Advisor in addition to engaging in financial aid workshops.


Fostering Independence

We believe that children are likely to be more successful if they are taught in discussion-based courses and allowed to make positive choices about how they use of their time. The structure of our Middle School Program is designed with these beliefs in mind. Students are given more opportunities to self-manage their academic work, schedule, and one-to-one interactions with faculty. Moreover, courses are designed to ensure that all students develop classroom confidence and understand the importance of engaging faculty outside of normal course time periods. Middle School students are also given consistent opportunities to apply their emerging skills towards challenging project-based assignments that require collaborative skills, creativity, and persistence.

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For more information, please contact Zaineb Hussain, Middle School Director