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Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

CSA’s Health Center provides ongoing medical and wellness support for our students and their families. Our Health Center enjoys partnerships with local hospitals and medical specialists, in addition to offering on site screenings and preventative care. An Advanced Practice Nurse leads the Center offering opportunities for ongoing education and family consultation.

Health Programs

Health Education

Research shows that schools can play a critical role in promoting important health concepts to students and families. CSA’s on-campus health center plays a central role in increasing our school community’s understanding of the connection between achievement and the health and wellness needs of children, parents, and staff. Ongoing seminars and one to one consultation with parents provide guidance through health care bureaucracies, medical care options, and creative dietary and exercise options. Students also benefit from a range of instructional programming designed to help increase their interest in healthy foods and strenuous play options.


Health related factors such as poor nutrition can lead to poor school performance. Studies demonstrate that nutrition affects students thinking skills, behaviors and health. Poor nutrition can also leave students susceptible to illness, resulting in school absences or missed classroom time. These are all factors that impact academic performance.

Our nutrition programs are aimed at educating students and providing balanced meals that empower them to make healthy choices that last a lifetime. For example, one of our programs, “Taste Test Tuesday”, introduces students to new foods that eventually make their way onto the lunch menu. This fun approach makes the daunting task of getting children to try new foods enjoyable while broadening their diets.

Prevention Programs

As a result of CSA’s ongoing collaboration with local medical and advocacy organizations, we are able to provide annual vision, dental, hearing and BMI screenings for every student. These health screenings ensure that students are able to take full advantage of the Academy’s opportunities and avoid disruptions to their daily routines. Always focused on prevention, health related data is always central to our ongoing student achievement discussions. We firmly believe that preventing chronic conditions can prepare our students to thrive academically and live healthy, successful lives.

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For more information, please contact Sakeenah Boyd, APN