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Meet the Rogers Family

Meet the Rogers Family

“She passed her exam!” A’zir exclaimed as he ran down the cottage hallway, beaming with a joyful pride in his mother’s accomplishment. “My mom passed her nursing exam!”

Well aware of his mother’s academic pursuits, all of A’zir’s fellow housemates in CSA’s inaugural boarding program gathered together in a shared sense of excitement and congratulation.

Now, nearing the end of the spring semester, CSA second grader A’zir Carey’s mother, Asya Rogers, is only two exams away from becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

Reflecting on her intrinsic desire to pursue a profession in nursing, Ms. Rogers states, “Ever since high school, I knew this is what I wanted to do.” Having shadowed healthcare professionals at Capital Health during her high school years, Ms. Rogers explained, “I saw how you can really make a difference in people’s lives and how you can build meaningful bonds with patients. Being a nurse has always been a dream of mine.”

But, as with most dreams, attaining them comes with a great level of sacrifice and determination. During the first year of her LPN program at Jersey College School of Nursing, Ms. Rogers had to balance attending courses, preparing for exams, visiting clinical site rotations, and working part-time weekends – on top of the fulltime responsibility to parenting A’zir (eight years old) and Deeani (two years old).

“It was tough,” she reflects. “Balancing all of these responsibilities was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.” However, Ms. Rogers acknowledges that it was not only a matter of sheer will power that allowed her to successfully balance all of these responsibilities – she was able to lean on the support systems within her family and within CSA.

“My mom, sister, and stepdad were extremely helpful,” she states, noting that she decided to temporarily move back in with her mother in order to scale back on work hours and focus more on studying.

“Plus, I ended up sending Azir to the boarding program because I knew it would be better for him and me.” With A’zir active in CSA’s residential boarding program Monday through Thursday (and returning home on the weekends), Ms. Rogers was able to allocate more time for her studies, with the peace of mind knowing that her son was in a safe, nurturing environment engaged in intellectual, athletic, and artistic programming. Smiling as she reflects on the opportunity, she states, “I’m so glad he’s been enjoying his experience!”

As is often the case, the act of remaining steadfast in the face of adversity results in a level of maturation and personal growth. In a moment of introspection, Ms. Rogers shared, “Through it all, I’ve grown tremendously. This whole experience made me humble myself. I never actually had to sit and struggle through academic courses and make serious adjustments in order to do well.”

Moreover, Ms. Rogers’ inspiring trajectory has not gone unnoticed within the school community. As Rossy Matos, Director of the Irma Rivera Center, states, “Ms. Roger is a great example of someone who will do whatever it takes to pursue and accomplish her goals. Her perseverance and drive are an inspiration to our school community. We are very proud of her!”

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