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Johnny Hammock Sr.

Johnny Hammock Sr.

From sterilizing bottles to making sure he eats his vegetables at dinner, Johnny Hammock Sr. has been doing it all on his own as a single father of second grader Johnny Jr. "People always assume there is a mom involved," he says, but in his case there has not been. Mr. Hammock proudly states that, "In me, he has a mom and a dad all in the same person." Unfortunately, he realizes that there are a lot of negative stereotypes out there about fathers but Mr. Hammock is here to set the record straight.

Mr. Hammock is excited for more opportunities to connect with more CSA fathers. "A lot of us don't know each other and if there is another single father it will be good for us to see that," he says. It is very clear to see the tight relationship between he and his son, as "Junior" usually jumps into dad's arms when they reunite in the dining hall. Since his son began the boarding program, Mr. Hammock has attended nearly every family dinner, or co-curricular that he is invited to. Johnny Jr. told me, "My dad is a nice person! He is real good dad, too."

"In me, he has a mom and a dad all in the same person."

Mr. Hammock has been dedicated to building their relationship and making the best decisions for his son. The way he puts it, his son "was the best thing that ever happened to [him]" and he wants to pay him back by making sure that Johnny has opportunities that he did not have growing up. Nigel Furlonge, former Dean of Students, notes that some of Mr. Hammock’s best qualities as a father "are that he is willing to listen and attend." Mr. Furlonge recalls numerous occasions where Mr. Hammock tuned into important details to "ensure that Johnny Jr. was thriving" and doing well. Mr. Hammock loves that his family members can see great outcomes through his son. "They see him read or just listen to the things he knows and they’re impressed," he states with a smile.

Mr. Hammock is an example of doing everything you can to give the best for your child. That is the mark of a great parent and not just a great Father.

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