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Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives


Recognizing that environmental sustainability is a matter of social responsibility and financial efficiency, the Academy incorporated advanced energy systems into its 2012 campus construction. The northwest corner of campus houses our five hundred kilowatt solar panel array, which supplies up to half of the Academy’s power needs throughout the year. Utilizing clean, renewable solar energy reduces our consumption of conventionally-generated power, decreasing our carbon footprint.

Campus lawns cover four geothermal well arrays that enable major reductions in energy use in the climate control of Academy buildings. Geothermal well fields comprise rows of underground piping that extend to depths of 350 feet below the surface. At that depth, the earth maintains year-round a constant temperature hovering around fifty-five degrees fahrenheit, which is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The geothermal pipes circulate water through this fifty-five degree area and then back through building mechanical equipment, which then uses the constant temperature water to heat or cool the air inside our buildings, maintaining a comfortable learning and living environment. Heating and air conditioning is typically among the highest energy demand operations for school and office buildings; using the earth to heat and cool our buildings removes a massive electrical infrastructure that would otherwise be needed.

Academy buildings are universally equipped with intelligent lighting controls, ensuring that lights aren’t left on indefinitely, simultaneously reducing our power load and extending the life of our energy-efficient equipment. As the Academy looks forward to future construction and new generations of students, we take care to maintain our focus on energy efficiency, engendered by systems which ensure our school’s long-term sustainability. test

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