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We believe that 4th grade is an important developmental milestone when students are able to engage in a broader range of academic, intellectual, athletic, and character-building experiences. With this in mind, our boarding program begins in 4th grade, providing students more time on campus to engage in a range of co-curricular experiences designed to build academic confidence and scholastic independence.

We encourage and prefer parents to remain closely connected to their child throughout the boarding experience. Each year, residential faculty plan a range of dinner, academic, and community-building programs designed to give parents rich, ongoing touch points with their children. Our, on-campus, Irma Rivera Adult Center and Residential Life Team also provide a range of adult-focused seminars throughout the year to provide parents with opportunities to engage in continuing educational experiences, volunteer programs, and fun parent-student competitions. These opportunities are intentionally scheduled to give parents of boarding students increased opportunities to engage in the ongoing "Life of the Academy", increasing the likelihood of parent student interaction.

We encourage and prefer parents to remain closely connected to their child throughout the boarding experience.

Our residential life student curriculum is anchored by an advisory program that allows all students to build strong relationships with a range of mentors. Advisors are recent college graduates, faculty, and administrators who consistently meet with students in small groups to discuss age appropriate topics that can enhance students' likelihood of academic and social success.

Boarding students enjoy a balanced experience that offers time for unstructured free-play and structured academic, athletic, and artistic enrichment. Our secure 80 acre campus provides all boarding students with a collegiate environment that provides extended access to athletic, artistic, academic, and creative resources. Over their 4th-8th grade experience residential students are given increased choice, providing the essential opportunity to develop organizational habits that will allow them to succeed in less structured high school and college environments.

A Day in the Life

Students in our CSA Boarding Program are provided with opportunities for exposure and exploration in various academic, athletic and artistic enrichment programs.

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Research suggests that in comparison to students at day schools, boarding students tend to:



Boarding school students spend about 17 hours per week on homework, compared to approximately 9 hours by private day students and 8 hours by public school students



12 hours per week are dedicated to exercising or playing sports in boarding schools, compared to about 9 hours in private day and public schools. The same applies to music.


Advanced Degrees

50% of boarding school graduates earn advanced degrees, compared to 36% of private day and 21% of public school alumni.



78% of boarding school graduates say that they were very well prepared for the non-academic aspects of college life, such as independence, social life, and time management, compared to 36% of private day and 23% of public school students



77% of boarding school students say that their schools provide opportunities for leadership, compared to 60% of private day and 52% of public school students.


90% report having high-quality teachers, compared to 62% of private day and 51% of public school students

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For more information, please contact Calvin King,
Dean of Residential & Campus Life.